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A team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience will offer top quality tin products and advice on related issues. We manufacture and install various types of chimney liners / stainless steel chimneys in private homes, industrial and commercial facilities, as well as maintenance and chimney cleaning services.

Our manufactured chimney liners are made of high grade 316 type stainless steel, which is acid-resistant. This species comes with additional chemical elements and materials such as molybdenum, which improves the properties of stainless steel: resistance to corrosion, heat and overall strength. This brand is about 30-40% more expensive than the brand AISI 304 brand.


Oval chimney tubes

Ovals are installed in an existing chimney (brick, concrete, brickwork) to protect against condensation and heat. Most often oval chimney tubes are mounted in a rectangular chimney pit. The most popular size is 120x240, but we can make as per your specifications.

Attention!!! On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania, we prepared a surprise for you: Purchase a chimney tubes and its installation services from us by the 28th of February, with the code "February 16th", and we will apply the campaign, so one meter meter will be given FOR FREE!
* Applicable only in the district of Vilnius, for a chimney tubes of at least 5 m. Please tell the code of the campaign at the time of booking.

Circular chimney tubes

Circular tubes , just like a oval ones, are installed in an already existing chimneys. Rounded tubes are usually mounted in a circular or quadrangular shaft.          The standard set consists of: the appropriate amount of liner meters, a triple, condensate collector, insert holder, roof, elbow, coupling sleeve, in frequency reduction and damper.         
         Most commonly, d120-d200 diameter tubes are ordered, but non-standard products can be manufactured as needed.          These flue gases are suitable for gaseous, liquid, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces with a maximum continuous temperature of up to 600 ° C for combustion products.

Double wall chimney tubes

Double wall chimney tubes are used when there is no stack or there is no possibility to install the tubes to the selected heating system. These chimneys consist of internal and external diameters of different diameters. The inner part of the chimney, like all our tubes, comes from 316 stainless steel, then put 50 mm thick stone wool (Paroc Wired Matt). You can choose the outer tube of the warmed up liners according to your color preferences from a glossy or galvanized tin.
Most often two-wall chimneys are attached to the external wall of the building or attached to the building's structures. We make our own holders for wall mounting according to individual cases.


Chimneys mounting and installation

We carry out chimney installation services for your existing or chimney tubes purchased from us.        We are constantly working in the Vilnius region, but according to the agreement we apply installation works in other cities like: Širvintos, Ukmergė, Trakai, Varėna, Kaunas, Panevėžys and others.        We install chimneys and supplied stacks that will be connected to fireplaces or other heating systems.      We perform work quickly and professionally. With our custom equipment, we can install very high stacks, where accessibility is complicated.

Fireplaces installation

We cooperate with several fireplaces dealers, but we do not trade ourselves.     If required, we can carry and install various types of kilns in your objects. We work both in private and corporate premises.

Chimneys cleaning

As a result of accumulating soot fires, poisoning with fines and so on, it does not matter, it happens not so rarely. Therefore, while enjoying the heat provided by the fireplaces and stoves, do not forget that the chimney needs to be cleaned at least twice a year. If you do not want or do not have the opportunity to clean the stack - take advantage of our services.     We perform the services in various weather conditions, usually from the top. We do not use chemical preparations or large-scale tools to prevent damage to the chimneys or their metal tubes in the long run.

See video below how you can clean the chimney by yourself

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